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Friendly and Helpful great experience

AthylieR from Las Vegas, Nv
Wed Sep 04 21:02:11 CDT 2013
This was my 2nd car from the Auto Center. Both times were a great experiences. They were able to get the vehicle I wanted for a great price. Their service center is great, I have been taking my cars here for the past 17 years and would not take my car anywhere else for service. The last vehicle was a 2008 BMW X5 Clean like new with only 32000 miles what great deal!

' A very satisfied customer '

Ken Pratt from Los Angeles
Mon Sep 09 22:36:50 CDT 2013
In 1996 Dan & Shelina Dunphy purchased the repair garage where I was a customer. Since then much has been added to their menu of services including 'The Auto Center'. In these intervening years I have returned to Los Angeles, however I continue to utilize their facilities for all major repairs, and car purchases. The owner of the repair garage I use for everyday problems has been introduced to Dan by me. A relationship has developed to the degree that Dan's facility is consulted when a repair comes in that they cannot handle. This is usually either because of lack of knowledge, or lack of the automobile manufacturer's computer software. All of Dan's factory trained technicians have this software available to them at their respective work stations. With respect to car purchases, I have purchased for my requirements over these past 18 years one each of the following vehicles, 525, 530, 540, 740i, 740il, and most recently a 750li. All in all my experience with their professionalism as to quality, service, competitiveness, and friendliness is truly exceptional!

Dan is the MAN

I am beyond happy with the service that was shown to me! My car is perfect and is in excellent shape! There is not one bad thing to be said about Dan and his dealership. I love my car and I'm so thrilled with my buying experience! I highly recommend their business!

Canadian buying US cars

Canadian from Edmonton,Ab
Sat Oct 12 00:17:53 CDT 2013
I have purchased 2 cars and imported them into Canada . The cars have always come across the border the way Dan said they would,in excellent shape and did not have to do any repairs when I had them inspected .i cannot buy these cars in Canada for these prices and quality.i would like to thank Dan for his honesty and professionalism.looking forward to purchasing more vehicles EH

The absolute BEST car buying experience ever!

Jeff, Rachel, and Guinevere from Arizona from Gilbert, AZ
Sat Sep 27 01:17:14 CDT 2014
This review is LONG overdue and will most likely seem to be a fabrication, but rest assured that this is a completely true story regarding our experience at The Auto Center. Let me just start by saying that Dan and John were the most attentive and customer service oriented people that I've ever met when purchasing a car. The story starts with a quest to find the next "family car" for myself, my wife, and our new daughter-to-be back in October 2013 (born in December 2013). We were looking for a very specific car - a 2004-2006 Mercedes E55 AMG. I came across an E55 at The Auto Center back in October during my initial searches, but it was a 2003 so I stopped there, not knowing that the W211 E-Series started in 2003 and NOT 2004. About 5 months of searching, reviewing, and tire-kicking go by and I end up telling my younger brother what I'm looking for. He's an avid Mercedes fan and owner, so I figured it was time to get his opinion. He then sends me a link to the 2003 E55 at The Auto Center and says, "Go buy this one! Vegas, baby!!" I live in Arizona, and happened to be traveling to Vegas within the next three days of his email. Needless to say, we stopped by The Auto Center and took it for a test drive with John Davies. John was one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met when buying a car; and I have bought a lot of high-end vehicles… mostly Porsche and BMW, but this this was my first Mercedes. After our test drive, we decided to buy the car. John introduced me to Dan (the owner) and it was like a feeling of being with family over Thanksgiving dinner - super nice people! Needless to say, and a long story short, if The Auto Center has the car you want; BUY IT THERE. They will take care of you. If not, they will hunt it down for you with smiles the entire way. OH, one final and VERY important note… the E55 that we bought ended up having some unforeseen brake issues that surfaced after we drove the car back to Arizona. Amazingly enough, Dan and John worked with us to have the car shipped back to Nevada at their expense, have the car inspected by their shop and Fletcher Jones Mercedes in Las Vegas, and THEN repaired the brake issue at no cost!!! I have NEVER had an experience like that EVER with any dealership in all my life!!! These guys are unbelievable and will take care of you. Trust them and buy from them - they are like having family in the business. The Auto Center is unlike any other dealership out there… they’re just the best!

European Motor Cars are the best car experience!

Randy B from Las Vegas, NV
Mon Feb 15 16:55:16 CST 2016
I've been here for 18 years and the only place I've taking my car is here.They treat me as if i'm family! Highly recommend them to any friends of mine who have vehicles that they repair. I trust them because they have always treated me fair, and trust is something that is greater than money. I have no way of knowing if they have treated there customers any different then they have treated me but with that being said I can only conclude that they are the best sales and service place that I have been to since driving cars for 45 yrs that includes from the east and the west coast. Maintenance and repair service is the best experience I've ever had!

My expirience at Auto Center

Dennis Jojo Peralta #tunay from Las Vegas
Wed Feb 17 11:50:07 CST 2016
The whole process was a breeze. The attention I received made me comfortable. I had some issues with the car but that was expected being a used car and Dan, took care of things and I was happy with the outcome & overall experience.

The best car buying experience I've ever had.

Bob V from Las Vegas, NV.

Mon Mar 14 21:49:37 CDT 2016

Dan, Erika, and Shelina at The Auto Center in Las Vegas were awesome. I recently purchased a 2007 BMW 328i convertible....love it. Prior to taking delivery of the car, there were a few minor service items that required attention. The day of delivery everything was 100% completed. For this purchase I had two special need requirements. First, my lender was out of state, which required some extra patience and jumping through a few extra hoops. The entire team at The Auto Center helped me get through the ordeal and made it easy for me. Secondly and maybe even more important, this car purchase was an anniversary surprise, which made it necessary for the entire team to help me keep the "secret" from my wife. Throughout the entire out of state lending challenge, everyone worked so well with me and the surprise was a total success. Yes, I'm happy with my car dealer and would have no objections whatsoever recommending them. Keep up the good work.